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I was playing Pokemon Pearl and trying to evolve my competitive Feebas, but when I was really close to reaching max beauty with it I saved with it only being able to eat one more poffin by accident. I tried the level 60 one you get for free but it didn't work, however I was incredibly close. I dont think I can do this again as getting all the necessary berries again would take days if not weeks. Any idea what I can do to solve this? I am open for suggestions about a trade, it's more than welcome. I really want to be able to get this Competitive Milotic. If you have any idea what I could do just tell me.

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Im pretty sure trades should be in chat :P. I bet you could post on your wall/profile that you need Milotic, and someone will see it.
Oof, man

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You can't do anything, as there is no way to erase saves and go back or stop your Pokemon from being full. I guess you could try and make the highest quality poffin possible, but that'll take a very long time.

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Dammit. How good is the highest quality poffin?
I don't know.