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In Diamond and Pearl, both Shiny Pokemon and Feebas are rare. Considering how much water tiles there are in Mt. Coronet, Feebas is pretty hard to come across. However, shinies are 1 in 8000 odds. Based on percentage, which is harder to find: a Shiny Pokemon or a Feebas?

Not a full answer, but since you have a target and can count and eventually pinpoint where febas is, shinies are more rare.
It is a 1/132 chance that the role you fish in has a Feebas combined with a 1/2 chance that each Feebas tile you go over (4 total) doesn't have a Feebas.

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If you're not looking for either, then shiny Pokemon are more common. Every wild Pokemon in DP has at least a 1/8192 chance of being shiny, but wild Pokemon in most places have a 0 chance of being Feebas. If you're specifically searching for both of them, either by using the Poke radar for shiny Pokemon or fishing in random tiles in the pool that contains Feebas, then you have a roughly 1/200 chance of finding a shiny Pokemon and a 1/132 chance of finding a Feebas. So Feebas are more common.

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A shiny is rarer than a Feebas, because if you find the Feebas, you can keep fishing for it, while a shiny of a specific ‘mon needs to be found amongst other Pokémon that can be found.

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By that logic, when you find a shiny Pokemon, you can keep finding more shiny Pokemon by setting your DS clock back to the time when you found that shiny Pokemon.
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Also sumwun, I don’t think that works. Feebas can only be found on 6 random squares, but you can keep finding Feebas on that square. The only way you can keep encountering and find shinies are in static shinies like the Nature Preserve Haxorus and the Lake of Rage Gyarados.
Shiny Pokemon are found in 1/8192 of times, but you can keep finding shiny Pokemon by setting your DS clock back to that time. You can read more about these game mechanics here: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/dpphgss_rng_intro