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Like on the show. And also, I bred my red gyarados with a normal gyarados, but none of the 5 or so eggs had shiny babies, why?


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Breding with a shiny doesn't guarantee the baby will be shiny. granted- it improves the odds. (giving you more opportunities, not actually improving the statistic of 1/8192)

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But there was like 5!
GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!! IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE, YOU WON'T GET A SHINY THAT QUICKLY!! I gave you accurate information, don't get mad at me if you don't like what you see.
I'm not mad, but I heard 1 in 4 eggs from a shiny parent gave a shiny baby and that isnt happening- so im mad at the game, not u
It's not one in 4. It improves the odds in that you have more opportunities for the pokemon, but it is still 1/8192.  that's for EACH pokemon, so for every pokemon you hatch, it has a 0.01220703125% chance of being shiny, not very likely. sorry about coming off like that.
It's 4 times more likely to be a shiny, which is 1 in 2048, not 1 in 4!
You say in your answer that it doesn't change! That's only through the masud method.
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Actually breeding with a shiny has no effect on whether the baby will be shiny. So breeding the red Gyarados with a regular Gyarados has the same probability, 1/8192.

The only ways to increase chances of a shiny are using the PokeRadar in D/P/Pt or breeding two pokemon from different language games. For the latter it increases chances to 1/2048 which is still very very very unlikely.

Yeah, we said this in the last question. Since he has heart gold, he can't use the radar, and we already discussed the Masuda method. I said that it improves the odds in that more eggs makes it slightly faster,.