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Competatively & besides the obvious Dragon, what are the most common types for Arceus to run?

Arceus' Types


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Dark Dark and Ghost Types

Used for the same reason, they are super effective on Psychic types. There are tons of Psychic types in Ubers so these guys are very powerful. These guys get used a lot for their super-effective STAB.

Steel Type

Used because of all those resistances and immunity to Toxic. Very hard to defeat and like most Arceus can be a pain to defeat after using a couple of Swords-dances. Arceus can carry many stalling moves like Recover, Cosmic-power, Toxic, Wil-o-wisp, and so much more. Definitely hard to counter.

Water Type

Usually used in the rain. So Judgement+Water-plate+STAB+Rain = VERY POWERFUL! Usually also carries Thunder for obvious reasons. This can be a pain to deal with. The best way to deal with it is changing the weather.

Fire Type

Similar to the water type it is paired with Sun. So Judgement+Flame-plate+STAB+Sun = VERY POWERFUL! Fire has better coverage than water but sun the fact that there are so many rain teams makes it a little harder for this one to shine. Changing the weather is devastating for him.

Normal form is also used often, because you can use any item you want and have STAB Extreme speed. Usually it is safe to guess that two of its moves will be Swords-dance and Extreme-speed.

Honorable mentions: Electric, Ground, and Fighting

The least common ones are probably: Grass, Psychic, Poison, and Bug do too either common weaknesses or lack of STAB coverage.

Thank You. Now i know what to look out for if i start battling competatively. WOOT!!
No problem, have fun :)
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Isn't swords Dance extreme speed known as extreme killer and is Banned?
tyrantrum1016 it's Uber...nothing but MegaRay and endless battle is banned from _Uber_...