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  1. Why don't I get damage from poison from outside of battle while I'm walking?

  2. Why does the egg always say "It doesn't seem to hatch" but it suddenly hatches?

  3. When I throw a pokeball, sometimes the ball vibrates on the mid-air. It shakes only 1 time and after it falls. then the pokemon is caught. What is this?

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1: New feature. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_ailment#Poison

2: Must be a glitch, or you do not check regularly.

3: This is a Critical Capture. You must be very lucky!

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1.It is new in pokemon BW. I don´t now why they changed that but i like that they did that :)

2.If the pokemon in the egg hatches fast so did it change fast so you di´d not see when it change.

3.It´s new in pokemon BW. It´s called ``a critical catch´´. It´s like a critical hit but is for catching pokemon and not kill them :)

Hope this helps :)