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I heard that Kadabra was sued cause of his name or something but I don't know why.


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Yungerer is a corruption of Uri Geller (with リ ri replaced by the
visually similar ン n), who claims to have the ability to bend spoons
with his mind, as the Japanese names of the Abra line are based on
famous mystics. Geller attempted to make a case against Nintendo of
America for using his likeness in a character and lost, Nintendo's
defense being that they had not named any Pokémon after actual people.


Basically some "Magician" thought he could bend spoons, so he sued Nintendo for using him. He lost xD

I thought Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, respectively?
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There "is" a lawsuit still in effect from 2000 till 2017 (as current as I could find) because someone who has had a career for over 4 decades feels as though a Pokemon was created after him (over 2 decades ago) since it's named after him in Japan and has his "signature" move of bending spoons with his mind (since that's what made Uri Geller famous decades ago). Some may say "no... just no..." but is it really that far fetched? Especially since Nintendo both hasn't and apparently can't disprove Uri in court to clear their name and instead has just stopped making kadabra cards since 07 I believe it was. To me, that's 4 (name, spoon, amount of time, and unable to disprove) important pieces of evidence in Uri's defense but I'm not a deciding factor... plus it will cost Nintendo $60m for stealing his identity and portraying him without his consent... and that's why it's still in court.