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I was looking at a list of uber Pokémon once, and Excadrill was on that list. Could someone please explain to me why it is considered uber?

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Although the Uber tier has some incredibly powerful Ground-type tanks
and sweepers, such as Groudon and Garchomp, this newcomer mole cannot
be easily overlooked. With a high base 135 Attack and an ability that
doubles its decent base 88 Speed in sandstorm, Excadrill is a
terrifying sweeper. Swords Dance is the icing on the cake, pumping
Excadrill's already high Attack stat to insane levels. Excadrill has
the perfect typing for a sweeper too, being immune to both Thunder
Wave and Toxic, while resisting Stealth Rock. Its concise movepool
contains all it needs to sweep, allowing it to act as a decent
offensive Rapid Spin user. While Excadrill's bulk is usable, do not
expect it to take hard hits for you, especially with its Water-,
Ground-, and Fire-type weaknesses. Furthermore, sandstorm is rather
hard to maintain in Ubers due to the ubiquity of Kyogre and Groudon.
In spite of all this, Excadrill does have a place in the tier.


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Eww. Sandstorm is the decent reason it's Uber. Meh. If it weren't for that ability, it'd be OU.
It's still pretty damn strong in OU.
Did you know that Deoxys-S was already OU, but went to Ubers, despite being awfully frail?
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But he is powerful too because...

This pokemon becomes over-powered in a sand storm, and he 4 types are super effective to him but

8 types have 1/2 damage
1 type has 1/4 damage
2 types have 0 damage

And he has a good moves and can learn tons of tms

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