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In the episode "Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?" They ask what move Slowbro learns at level 46. I thought there were no levels in the anime.


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Technically there aren't any levels in the anime. It would appear that they used this as a way for real life viewers to know the answer and basically play along with it in their heads. Keep in mind pokemon anime is directed at younger children; the ones who do know the answer and watch the show will be able to pretend they are a "pokemon master" as if it were a question and answer program from a children's show. The rules of pokemon in the anime has never been made clear and as after all this time ash is still the same age as, you can probably see why!

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and do you know whats weird ash's pickachu should be a lv. 100 now but yet he still loses
That's why they didn't officially put levels in the show. The anime has been known to be inconsistent with this type of stuff, as are many cartoon.
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Actually, there are levels in anime. I have seen episodes that have the mention of levels in them like the one about impostor oak. In one Team Rocket dress up as scientists and promise that everyone that gives them their pokemon wil have their pokemon gain a level.