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In the Pokemon anime there is a baby lugia and I'm pretty sure excuse me IM ABSOLUTELY SURE that lugia is a legendary Pokemon and there can only be one lugia soo how is that possible? I mean the anime confirms there is a baby lugia but how? HOW HOW

Anime logic. Remember, the anime is different from the games. Heck, there are probably a thousand Lugias. Lol.
Edit: Sorry, a LOT different.

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  1. The anime is not the game and thus does not follow the logic of the game. You can't expect each and every element of the anime to make sense with the game, because they're entirely different versions of Pokemon. A baby Lugia is a good example of this. Perhaps the anime writers believed that it would make the episode more interesting?
  2. The theory that there is one Lugia is wrong. Perhaps it's true in the storyline of the games, but by trading I could have a team full of them and other legendaries if I wanted to.
  3. We don't know how, but it doesn't matter. Bottom line is, the anime writers decided that having a baby Lugia in one of the episodes was a good idea and that's why it's there.
this is true i mean how does pikachu even damage a arceus?
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Two words. The Anime. The anime is almost in no way related to the Pokemon game (besides Pokemon and all). The anime doesn't equal the game. Have no idea how there's a baby lugia and mommy lugia (or daddy, it's genderless), but it's anime logic. In game, there is no way to get a baby lugia from breeding (besides hacks). Hope I helped!

Oh, lugia is a legendary.