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So I am soft resetting for shiny lugia, and I decided I would attempt to catch it just to make sure I will be able to catch the shiny. First try went smoothly, and I caught it. Second try however, it killed my Pokémon that put it to sleep AND my false swiper, and eventually commited struggle suicide. If I go buy some healing items and train my false swiper a little, and come back and save and start soft resetting again, would that be ok? Or would that somehow have a negative affect on something. Please help!


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There would be absolutely no consequence to pausing the soft resetting to do something else. Soft resetting doesn't increase your chances like a chain, so nothing bad will happen.

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Perfect! Thanks!
You're welcome!
If I wanted to I would just answer don't soft reset because shinies aren't worth your time all because they don't have better stats than regulars.
I personally agree, but some people just like shinies. Edit: they are cool to get tho. Just don't have the time
People have different judgements of what's worth their time. Some people, myself included, enjoy hunting shinies, while others do not. So I'm not really sure if it's fair to say that they're not worth anyone's time.
I agree with X. Shinies technically dont do anything, but they make me super duper happy when my hunting pays off and i find one. The happiness is worth it for me.
I have always been the guy who likes to collect things, so I love shinies.
And shinies are quite literally why I am here