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My friend told me that in one of the old Pokemon movies, there were two Lugias and one of them was a baby and another was a mother of that baby. Can someone explain this to me, i'm really confused. I even thought to myself that legendaries couldn't breed. o_o

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Yes there were older pokemon movie (see here for details: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lugia_(Pokémon)#Lugia_.28movie_2.29). These was during the Johto adventures. I'm not sure why there was a movie with a baby Lugia, but legendarie (excluding Manaphy with breeds to make a Phione) can't breed.

So, bottom line, it was an older pokemon episode and Team Rocket was trying to nab Lugias child, and you can't forget, they're multiple Shaymins and the Anime and Video Game are two different branches of the Pokemon tree. And besides, legendaries have to continue living some way, don't they? XD

Hoped this answered your question!

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dude ledgendary pokemon are basically immortal unless some guy goes uo to it and stabs it in the head but of course that won't happen in the anime
No. Legendaries have died many times before, especially in the movies. Celebi and Latios are examples.
Latios… my heart breaks ;~;
RLLY?!! and well didn't mew kinda kill mew two and mew in the process in a movie?
AND if legendary pokemon die darkrai don't take them away!!!! either hoop unbound OR giratina i mean darkrai only eats dreams
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It was a movie-only thing. Lugia did have a baby.
But there is no baby Lugia in the games.

Btw, Legendaries are in an egg group called "Undiscovered".

We just have not discovered how they breed or what they breed with, since there is supposed to be one of each.

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