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in pokemon white, im about to go up against the e4 for the first time. when i get zekrom in n's castle, who should i get rid of in my party to make room for zekrom? my party is as follows:
samurott water
archeops flying/rock
mushinara psycic
cobalion steel/fighting
victini fire/psycic
darkrai ghost/dark

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Since you already have Victini, you should probably replace mushara, because of it horrible speed.

Good luck with the Elite 4!

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Take out mushana and put in zecrom!

PS. your team is really good!

all i had was


oh and when you beat the elite 4 got to the victory road and challenge cheren and marshal
will come up and say you need to remach the e 4 and they are really hard!

hope i helped!

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Mushinara is the least useful pokemon against N and Ghetis in N's castele so I would swap it for Zerkrom.

Hope this helps

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