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Pls answer without a move set and answer a simple as possible

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What format?
Which gen and Which formats? For gen 8 ag, zacian-c is a huge threat, so you may not want kyurem, etc.
I mean single
I think zekrom is the most powerful of these options
Sleepy Your saying I should do zacian?
He's telling that since Zacian's a big threat in Ubers you shouldn't use Kyurem. However, I do disagree with him. Reshiram is OHKOed by Play Rough after Stealth Rocks damage, and same for Zekrom. So neither of them is able to handle it.

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Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem-W and Kyurem-B can only be used in the following formats in Gen 8 (which I am assuming you are using since Gen 8 is in the tags): Ubers, NatDex AG and AG. If this happens to be Online Battles in Sword/Shield, it would still be similar to Gen 8 AG.

Source: Experience

Now, in all of these formats listed, Zekrom has the highest usage in all of them.

Source: I checked all of Smogon's usage stats for these formats.

All of these get plowed through by Zacian, but I would recommend Zekrom to you. Zekrom can actually take advantage of its Attack and Speed with Dragon Dance, as well as not being crippled by Stealth Rock unlike the other 3. In addition, it has reliable STAB's and doesn't have to rely on a Choice item to not be immediately KO'd by other mons in the tier. My recommended set even though you didn't want one (This is for reference):

Zekrom @ Leftovers
Teravolt Ability
252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Def
Jolly Nature
-Dragon Claw
-Bolt Strike
-Dragon Dance

Hope this helps!

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Kyurem-White's a decent Kyogre counter, though.
So is Zekrom as long as it has a Substitute up or used Dragon Dance.
Do you even know the difference between a counter or check? Zekrom is 2OHKOed by Water Spout or 3OHKO with Leftovers.
Well although Eternatus is there and Zekrom is obviously the best so I had agree with you :P
Yes, a Counter is something that can consistently beat a specific threat, while a check is something that can beat that threat under certain circumstances.  
A Jolly, unboosted Zekrom Bolt Strike is a 93.8% to OHKO on even physically defensive Kyogre, assuming that they run max Defense.  Ice Beam is a 2HKO, so as long as Bolt Strike doesn't miss twice in a row, Zekrom will almost always KO Kyogre.  If it is a Scarf set, Bolt Strike can't miss, so I guess it is a check to Scarf sets :p