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Zapdos ( ) @ Leftovesrs
Bashful Nature
Trait: Pressure
EVs: ??? dunno i traded but there maxed out I'd say 252 atk 252 spe 4 hp

Okay so the plan is, Substitute right away. Then opponent uses his attack. Use Toxic if they're not flying. (If they are flying you shouldn't bother using substitute from the beggining and used T-bolt instead) If your sub broke, use substitute again and use roost after they attack. If it didn't break, use T-bolt and this will be used until substitute is broken. Now, if you think you can take a hit, use T-bolt. If not, just keep using the substitute roost combo over and over till poison kills them. If you are facing a ground type, not much you can do but get them with poison. If they are steel or poison, you should have switched pokemon before you did anything unless you are facing a skarmory or something you would use T-bolt and OHKO. Sorry this is so long but there is nothing i can do about it. prove your answer and happy mothers day to the usa.

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this seems like a good strategy. the only thing i would do is before you send out zapdos have another pokemon set up toxic spikes, therefore eliminating the need for toxic, which would allow another move, also those would be bad ev's for a zapdos, considering it is a sp.attacker, also I would think that a staller of any kind would want some ev's in both of its defenses.

but toxic gives them a badly poison and using toxic spikes would take an entry set upper and that seems like using up a pokemon (in my opinion) since you could have a sweeper or something else XD i dunno XD
I don't even KNOW the Evs XD
the PP loss plus the bad poison increasing the
damage every time. I think that extra move isn't worth it and once again, i don't know the EVS
Yes, but if t-spikes is used twice it will badly poison as well. I use a Tentacruel with T-spikes, surf, blizzard, and venoshock, so in a sense it is a sweeper and an "entry set upper". I wish I could help with the EVs but alas, there is no way to tell.
i already have a skarmory that has spikes, and T-spikes 2 times = bad poison so thats 2 times :P. I think my skarmory covers the fact that every pokemon will lose half HP and die of poison instead of just having to use 2 toxic spikes which can be healed by items with a poison heal. I still like your idea though but, i think mine is better  because of my skarmory.