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I would say Zapdos Over Magneton since there is Magnezone and Zapdos has a bigger base stat. I'd suggest a ground type for that pesky Pikachu of his at level 88. A good place to train is elite 4. I had a team fill of legends but lower level and i used some weaker pokemon for max revives. If you need more, comment.

hope this helps! :D

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I will say Zapdos cause hes stronger depending on level. What level is your Mangenton?

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My magneton is level 40 and my zapdos is 53.
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I say Pikachu.Just get him level 100. Mwahahahaha! That will be easy since it will not be very effective on the Pikachu's and you will have a stronger one.

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Why Pikachu? Choose Raichu. Some of his Pokemon can get Pikachu with an EarthQuake easily and i'm sure he doesn't want to train for 5 hours just to get a level 100 pikachu
I'm a girl and your right I don't want to have to train it for 5 hours.