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A hail team, a sun team or a rain team?

For me Sun Team because not only Fire Pokemon will benefit from it but if your opponent chose to counter your team with Water types you can bring Grass types with Chlorophyll ability with you so you can counter those water types too.

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Most people run Sun Teams, do to the diversity of the Pokemon and how much weaknesses are covered due to the Sun. But if used right, any Team can be used and be sucessful, making this answer be Each of the Weather.

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Well, all are good. I prefer Sun Team because of a drought ninetales. It can even learn Hypnosis which puts your pokemon to sleep. For good accuracy put wide lens on 'em and give it fire blast too. Now, there are tons more pokemon to pair up with a sun team so thats also good. If you need more info, comment, and sorry for typos before

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