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i want to know where to find a cover fossil in pokemon black??
i want to have carracosta
and what is a good moveset for carracosta


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A Backpacker of the first floor of Relic Castle has found both of the fossils, but claims they are too heavy and offers one of the fossils to the player, and the player must choose one of the two fossils. The fossil that is not chosen is kept by the Backpacker, and cannot be obtained in-game.
If brought to the Nacrene Museum, the Cover and Plume Fossils can be regenerated into Tirtouga and Archen, respectively.

You choose one of them(Cover Fossil) and then you must go to the Nacrene Museum.Then you talk tothe reception of the museum and you get Tirtouga but you must have a space in your party for it.

In B&W
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Once you enter The Relic Castle, There will be a Scientist, and a Psychic, after that there will be a Back Packer who will offer you a Cover Fossil or another Fossil with Archen , then take the Fossil to the museum and Revive it for Tirtouga!

Carracosta @ Choice band

Ice Beam
Hydro Pump

Hope this helps! XD

You have ice beam surf and hydro pump on a choice band build? Not to mention surf is better than hydro pump and you have both surf and hydro pump. No rock coverage either.
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You can get it from the backpacker in the relic castle (just talk to her and pick the cover fossil)