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So If I Bred A Female Chansey Lv.57 with
A Male Clefairy Lv.31 Will It Have An Egg?

I Want A Chansey Egg :)

AND Egg???

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Even If The Female Is At A Higher Level, They Can Have Egg's?
Levels don't matter, as long as they are boy and girl, and in the same egg group, they can have eggs.

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Yes they would have an egg because they are in the same egg group, and yes it would be a chansey egg.

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Thankyou But Could U Tell Me How Much Time It Would Take??
? But If Not THANKS!
It would take about 10,455 steps for the egg itself to hatch, and I can't say how long it would take to actually appear in the daycare.
IT WOULDNT be a Chansey egg, it would be it's PRE-EVOLUTION: HAPPINY!
It would be a Chansey Egg...
@ septer123: No, it would be a Chansey egg. To get a Happiny egg the Chansey/Blissey doing the breeding would have to be holding the Luck Incense. No incense = Chansey egg
It's a chansey egg because the chansey laid it but the pokemon would be a happiny
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You would be able to have an egg since they are in the fairy egg group and it would be a chansy since it is the female. Mamas have babys not Papas. Remember that.

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Yes, they will have an egg and it will take around 10, 500 steps to hatch into Happiny!

Hope this helps! XD

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It Is A Chansey Egg
to Get A Happiny I would Need a luck insence
But I Don't Have One :(