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Nintendo didn't find it weird at all to allow you to breed a Female Skarmory with a Ditto to produce a male Skarmory, then if it pleased you turn around and breed the newly hatched male with its MOTHER?? I mean the game is supposedly aimed at children. Japanese anime is typically toned down when it is adapted for the US, but they missed the whole concept of imbred Pikachu mutants running loose in Sinnoh??

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Two things.
1. Don't question Game Freak. Often video games don't make sense, and it won't get you anywhere.
2. You cannot breed a Poke'mon with one of its parents. My game guides say so.
Any Poke'mon in the family tree cannot breed with another in the tree.
Example: I could not breed a Skarmory with its Grandmother.

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#2 is wrong.
In that case, two Poke'mon guides are wrong.
Yes they are. i intentionally subjected a Skarmory hatchling to incestuous experiments and was appalled by the results. i have just always found it odd that a game aimed for children in the US, a country highly strict on censorship especially regarding... reproductive activity... Places such heavy emphasis on breeding (the day care mans "i don't know how it got here" regarding the egg was terrible)... i mean, Ditto became more of a gelaninous pink skeez than anything after Gen II. they might as well add heavy blue eyeshadow to its sprite.
Yes, #2 is incorrect. If you couldn't breed the Skarmory with it's grandmother, then I'm worried, because you were trying to get two girls to breed together. O_o Remember, there has to be a boy and a girl (or a Ditto) to breed. The game guide that is wrong doesn't suprise me; things like that are never 100% reliable.
Generaly the pokémon game is crazy . I mean how the player puts so many things in his bag ?like the bike for example !!!!!!!!!!
I always wondered why the berrys never dry out,
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Once again, Game Freak are never really going to make sence.
Pokémon, you will admit, is a pretty unique game, so with that you will get unique elements, which come down to the breeding. It may seem strange that you can breed Pokémon offspring with it's mother, but then again, Pokémon aren't humans.

Just don't worry about it - I don't see a problem with what is reality.

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