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I am trying to breed a ditto and a poliwrath to get a poliwag. they have the ability to breed but "they dont seem to like each other very much" according to the daycare man. are the personalities getting in the way and if so will this effect the ability to get an egg from this match?

Ditto- Capable of taking hits.
Poliwrath- Likes to thrash about

They both have a quiet nature.

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just means they have a low probability of producing an egg, but you will get one eventually. The rate at which you get eggs is based on 2 things: ID/OT and the actual pokemon.
Different ID/OT same pokemon (charmander and charmander):- High
Different ID/OT different pokemon (charmander and dratini):- Medium
Same ID/OT same pokemon:- Medium
Same ID/OT different pokemon (ditto and poliwrath):- low
this is likely your scenario

I fix this with this:- as soon as an egg hatches with the opposite sex to the pokemon you're breeding, swap it with ditto i.e. if your poliwrath is male, as soon as you hatch a female poliwag, swap it (be aware some pokemon can't breed using this method: single gender only like tauros or non breeding offspring like cleffa)

Thanks alot. I was unaware of these breeding facts. Im just glad to have a ditto so that I can have multiple infernapes and other starters.
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as long as he doesn't say "they tend to play with other pokemon", it will lay an egg
So it will eventually lay an egg (20% chance in 256 steps)
and remember, personality doesn't do ANYTHING to the birth rate

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Nah nothing like that.Its just a common phrase. Don' t worry you will get with an egg.Its personality is different most of the times.Even it says "they tend to play with other pokemon", it will lay an egg