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I used a Normal-type move, Return, and it wasn't very effective...
Next turn I used another Normal-type move, Hidden Power, and it was super effective.
(these were both used on Lunatone)
Is it because Emboar is a Fighting-type and I used Hidden Power on a Psychic?

I'm not good with super/not very effective.

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Hidden Power can be any type, besides Normal. Return wasn't effective because it was Normal. Your Hidden Power was: Water, Dark, Ghost, Grass, or Bug type. That's why.

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Return Is Normal.
Return Will Always Be Normal. It Cannot Change Types.

Hidden Power CAN Change Types.
To Be Super Effective Against Lunatone
Your Hidden Power Turned Into Either A
Bug, Ghost, Or Dark Type Move.
Do You See?


Hope I Helped! :)

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