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Which one?, I like lunatone's stats better, and mine has a good nature, but solrock has good movesets, and covers weakness better with fire type attacks, but doesnt have the sp. att. to compliment it.... so Solrock could be tricky, but is Lunatone better? Stats(Lunatone) or potential(Solrock)?


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Remember their typing. The only significant difference between these guys is their physical and special stats.

Solrock-The physically oriented of the two. he has some good physical moves like Earthquake, explosion, and return.

Lunatone-the special rock. some good special moves include psychic, ice beam, blizzard, shadow ball, etc.

Both of them have a ton of weaknesses and have as much potential as the other, given the right moveset. To be honoest I prefer Lunatone since he is a special fighter, but that's just me.

What if the opposing Pokémon has mold breaker?
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Solrock is the better Pokemon, with many moves to choose from and good attack stat to take advantage of being a Rock type.