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One hit K.O. moves have bad accuracy so I was wondering whats the best way to up accuracy?

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You could use a locking move like mind reader 1st (articuno can learn both) Using moves like sweet scent to lower your opponents evasiveness also works. If you have machamp, you could use its ability no guard(no attacks miss), (maybe have a different pokemon skill swap it, then swap it again to a pokemon with a OHKO move)

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It should be noted that OHKO  moves are banned in tournaments, and rarely used in wifi battles.
Their only real use is for friend battles.
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The best ways are locking moves like mind reader and lock-on to have a 100% chance of making the next move hit. other than that lowering the enemy's evasion, improving your accuracy, using items that improve your accuracy, abilities like compoundeyes that improve your accuracy, using gravity, defog etc

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