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Is there wars in pokemon or something?LT

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I don't know if there was a war but this is what I've read

Lt. Surge, formally in the armed forces, has become a Pokémon trainer who relies on pure power. Believing that unevolved Pokémon are weak, Lt. Surge evolves his Pokémon literally as soon as possible. An arrogant man, Lt. Surge constantly berates any trainer that is unable to beat him, especially if they are unable to defeat him. However, despite this, when a trainer does manage to defeat him in battle, he does gain respect for them and treats them as such.


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Yes, there was a war
that's why he says "electric pokemon saved my life during the war!"
Also, ever wondered why Red doesn't have a dad and Blue's parents don't exist?

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That Explains Things Pretty Well ^.
the only characters to have a dad are may and the male one, brandon,