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It says this: You may take the exploration challenge at Marowaks Dojo or something
Where is that exactly?

Well, if your confused, Here is the scenario. Im at the title screen. I press start. Then i press "Trade Team". Then I select "Receive Team" Then it says "You have previously received the team for Team A. Then: "If you receive a new team, the existing team, Team A will be deleted. Is that OK? I click yes. How would you like to receivve the team? I click "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection" Now it says "Please choose how you want to search for a team to fight at the Marowak Dojo. I click "Same Rank" (Master Rank) then it conncecs me to wi fi and yada yada. Now, it says A buncha non important things and it has a list of people I select Team B. Now it says "You have acquired a team" then i disconnect from WI-Fi now it saves. Then it says the thing at the top

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The Marowak Dojo is a training facility in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery
Dungeon: Explorers of Sky located in Treasure Town. It is run by
Marowak, hence its name. It is similar to the Makuhita Dojo from the
original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Its main purpose is to provide
extra dungeons for exploration teams to progress and travel through,
thus training team members as desired. It is composed of training
mazes rather than dungeons. There are initially ten training mazes
found in the Dojo, listed below. After the credits, the Final Maze
will appear separate from these ten. The Explorer Maze will also
appear after the credits, but only when the player receives a team
from another game over wireless communications. It has only one floor,
in which the team received can be battled and recruited. The dojo and
its services cannot be utilized right away. If a player walks up to it
and tries to enter it before Waterfall Cave is cleared, they will not
be able to. A notice placed there tells them that the dojo is not
available for service right then. Waterfall Cave must be cleared in
order to access the dojo.

That is all from the Bulbapedia.


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