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in emerald i caught a phanpy and then migrated it to soulsilver and i evolved it but sense it's level 28 i want to see what moves i can put on it because it has growl,defense curl, flal, and take down. witch kinda sucks. and i forget where the guy that recovers moves is so can someone please tell me. thank you.

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Move Relearner

>In a house in Blackthorn City, there is a man who will exchange Heart Scales for the use of his move relearning services. He is conveniently located in the same house as Johto's Move Deleter and a move tutor


I love Weird things ¯(°_o)/¯

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thanks. i was headed to blackthorn anyway weird how pokemon works huh?
Your welcome.Lol guess it was destiny for your Phanpy to learn some new moves :P