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This isnt against the rules and please dont suggest a pokemon unless you have played with Nu or at least in tiers.
I need this as i myself am going to make my first Nu team and i need 1 or 2 revenge sweepers capable of cleaning up the strongest of Nu walls such as regirock and is staggering def.
Special or Pysichal.


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Floatzel has really high attack and speed
He also learns Aqua Jet which is a priority move

Swellow could also be a good revenge killer because of it's high speed and quick attack

You're going to need a fast Pokemon as a revenge killer

You could also use Purugly with Fake Out, Liepard also works here

My Revenge Killer is Tauros with it's Return for any type but Steel, Ghost, Rock

I found these the best of all the fast NU Pokemon

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