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I was watching TV, because I'm lazy, and it said examples:
Darkrai EX
Krookodile EX(it didn't say Krookodile EX but it still was an example)

WHY... is Kyogre in the deck?

ummmmm...is someone gonna...answer... ... ...
Probably not yet because not many people have good experience in tgc or any at all i have a question asked yesterday with not even a comment because not many peopl have experience in Nu so just wait till rio gets on ;)

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Because the set contains 211 cards. And, I'm pretty sure that there isn't 211 dark types in B/W to go around. So they just threw the extra cards in.
But, I'm no TCG expert.
Hope This Helped :D

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Noob team :D im guessing its not ubers.
How do you save your trainer card pick as when i tried doing this it didnt copy the team and badges just name and sprite -_-
Did you right click and get the URL? The full URL? Because the URL is very long.
Yep ;)
well, thats what I did. Here is my URL:'
http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/trainercard/new2.png?name=Dr.Flame&friendcode=2623 2512 4082&trainer=33&badge=2&pokemon1=494&pokemon2=395&pokemon3=491&pokemon4=571&pokemon5=493&pokemon6=470

You have to copy paste. Not all of it fits.