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Every time I battle someone on Showdown, they always have Primal Kyogre with Water Spout. I built a team to counter it, but I really wanna know why so many people use it and why it's so good. (I never use Pokemon like that, so of course I'd ask this question!)

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You've seen a Kyogre in OU? Can you show us a replay?
Isn't kyogre banned in ou? I mean ag yea, but ou?
can someone edit this question and change it to 'Why is Kyogre so popular in Gen 7 Anything Goes'? Also, I think it should have kyogre in the tags
Edited and retagged. OP can change it back if that's not what they want.
Becuase it’s awesome

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Well, I don't know in ou, as that should be impossible(it's banned in ou) but as for ag there is a reason. Basically, water spout is a 150 power move if it's at full health. Primal kyogre gets a STAB boost, a heavy rain boost(100%) and it's a 150 power move, so huge power there. It also has an amazing 180 base special attack, which is very high. It also has thunder, a 110 power electric type move, that doesn't miss in primal kyogres constant rain, and ice beam, a nice coverage move. It has decent speed, and can use this to somewhat sweep a team with its, like I said, stab rain boosted 150 power move. In all, it's insane sp atk and the rain boost and the STAB and the fact that it's a 150 power move makes it pretty powerful. (I also want to add that most also carry orgins pulse/surf(one of the two) a 110 power stab move also boosted by rain(orgin pulse) or a 90 power STAB rain boosted move(surf), which it can use if it gets damaged from attacks and water spout is weaker)
Hope I helped!

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Isn't Surf more common than Origin Pulse? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it was more common to run Surf because of Origin Pulse's accuracy :/
Maybe. I use orgins pulse personally
Pikalytics says 65.298% use orgin pulse and 12.856% use surf, so mostly orgins pulsee I guess
That's doubles tho. It's used more in doubles because it hits both opponents without damaging your teammate.
Oh ok well I just edit orgin pulse/surf then
Thanks Mega Blade for changing the question. It was not in OU I must have been thinking that time me and a friend had a custom Gen 7 game.