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i saw mega blastoise in uber and I got confused. is it because of rapid spin water spout?

Are you referring to G-Max Blastoise that's Uber by technicality?
no mega blastoise

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The National Dex Council has decided to suspect test Mega Blastoise. Mega Blastoise gaining Shell Smash in the generational shift bolstered it from at best a fringe choice to a top tier contender that every team needs to prepare for. The standard coverage of Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and Dark Pulse has very few counters once Blastoise sets up, after which both defensive and offensive answers are few and far between. Only Pokemon like Tapu Fini, Chansey, AV Tangrowth, and Ferrothorn can semi-reliably stand up to the standard Shell Smash set, and all of them detest Spikes, which Mega Blastoise is almost always paired with. In addition, Pokemon that can otherwise take a hit and then retaliate with a status move, like Toxapex and Gastrodon, can fall prey to a stray Dark Pulse flinch. Offensive answers have become very limited since the bans of Genesect and Zygarde, with Mega Lopunny and Choice Scarf Greninja being some of the very few options available in that regard. Mega Blastoise has proven to be incredibly restricting for teams, as teams are forced to run one dedicated answer, and often a secondary answer just in case, lest they be swept by it. Smashtoise has proven to be a dominant force in the metagame despite technically having counters. As such, Mega Blastoise is now being suspect tested.

Mega Blastoise has been banned via Suspect Test! Thank you all for your participation


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It's because Blastoise got access to Shell Smash in Sword/Shield. Its natural bulk allowed it to set up Shell Smash on many things without even needing to worry about the defense drop. At +2 speed, it outsped the entire unboosted metagame and only a few prevalent Scarf users were able to outspeed it at that point such as Greninja. Its strong coverage options let it break through the vast majority of the metagame.