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So less ranking. Necrozma-Dusk Mane is S, while Ultra one is only B. So what's the reason?

Because WP + Trick Room/Dragon Dance Necrozma-DM is better. It just is a great check to a ton of threats and it can sweep as well :P
Not really. People in higher ladder aren't fools; they land a non-effective hit to see how much bulk it has; if high damage, then most likely DD set, if low damage, they will do chip then finally KO it since it doesn't always survive a STAB hit then Super effective hit. Also Ultra Necro runs DD set much better.
You'll probably get a better answer if you ask here. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/simple-questions-simple-answers-thread.3672179/ I'm guessing it's because dusk Necrozma has more resistances and doesn't take up the Z slot.
I would like to, but I forgot my smogon password XD
And its more resistances. People don't always Ultra Burst, they can stay in the Dusk Mane forme to setup Swords Dance or Dragon Dance. Like facing a Zacian-Crowned, they use Close Combat, since they don't run Crunch, because it deals same damage to Dusk Mane plus they don't want to risk Weakness Policy.

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You didn't ask on Smogon, so I did it for you.

This is primarily because defensive Necrozma-DM is one of the few reliable checks to Zacian-C, as well as being a reliable Stealth Rock setter and providing other invaluable defensive utility. Ultra Necrozma struggles to fit on any team that isn’t Hyper Offense because it would take the team’s Dusk Mane slot, severely restricting building. As a result, it’s much less commonly used than regular Dusk Mane.
Hopefully this answered your question!


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Geysers did answered? Then it would be reliable, 'cause he's a good Nat Dex AG player and his team are the best.
Yes. You should ask more questions on Smogon, so you get more answers from good players like Geysers.