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The same reason Blaziken was tiered as Uber in previous generations: Speed Boost has the potential to get out of control on something with as much offensive presence as it has, and unlike Sharpedo, Blaziken doesn't even have to give up its ability if it goes mega to secure even more power. It may not be good in Ubers/AG/National Dex AG, but you can at least use it there if you want to use it at all.

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Just to ensure that this type of discussion does not need to prolong any further then it needs to, I would like to state that the council will not be looking into unbanning any Ubers for the time being for the simple fact that nothing really seems balanced enough to bring down to Nat Dex OU and any Ubers addition at this moment will just devalue the competitiveness of the tier. Please do not bring up any Uber unbanning discussion or else your post will be deleted moving forward.

I'm pretty sure this means the council is busy now and might unban more stuff next year.

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