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Lately, I have been wanting a mew for my diamond game. I know mew can only be obtained through events and cheats, but I was just curious if anyone knew a good way to get one. I have heard of a way to get it on yellow, but I wanted it for my newer games.

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It is impossible to obtain Mew in Diamond with no Wifi. Without hacks or cheats, you must trade with a friend. It is impossible on other games, since Faraway Island is an Event that passed.
There is a few glitches in Gen 1, but since this is Diamond, that is irrelevant.

So you have to trade with a friend who has one.

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The event of Faraway Island was never released outside of Japan.
The most recent Mew event released was for Soul Silver and Heart Gold about two years ago. You can import it from those games.
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1.Emerald,Faraway Island

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Really?? When is the event? That would be awesome!! Only problem is that it would have to be on my black game. Definetly better than no mew. :) One more quick question: If I were to get mew on yellow, would there be any way to tranfer it to my diamond?