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Because mew is one of my favorites, and you can't get it thru gts like Mewtwo.

If you have pokeball plus u can get it in sword and shield.if u already did it on lets go then transfer it from pokemon home

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If you purchase the PokeBall Plus, there is a Mew inside you can bring into your game. If you already used that PokeBall Plus in LGP/E, you will have to transfer it via HOME. You can also get one by transferring from older games, or hope someone is nice enough to trade you one.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Pokeball Plus.

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The answer X gave was beautiful, but I also know another way if the Pokeball plus isn't an option.

All the glitches in the original Red and Blue games are still available within the Virtual Console releases, and this includes the Mew Glitch. The Mew Glitch is a glitch in the game you can do early on to trigger a legit encounter with Mew.

Using Bank and Home, you could bring the Mew up to the newest games. Since a glitch isn't hacking, it's still considered a legit Mew

Here is a guide if you're interested in learning: https://youtu.be/yXbl-hNxnS8

Dang, completely forgot about the VC games. You covered that part much clearer than I did.