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So I've wanted to shiny hunt Pokémon in Shield and has looked up what methods are the best but have gotten very mixed results, so now I'm asking here because I usually get good answers?

So, what is the most EFFECTIVE way to shiny hunt, by effective I dont mean best odds but best Shiny per Hour or whatever

Thanks in advance
- Smoothie

Best odds is "best shiny per hour or whatever"?
No, best odds and best shiny per hour arent the same thing, if something has a 1/10 chance of being shiny but it takes 10 hours every time you try thats not gonna be as good as if you have a 1/100 chance of being shiny but you can repeat it every minute
I don't think their is anything like that in SwSh.
Lets for example take the Masuda method, depending on what egg you have it can take a while to hatch every Pokémon, that compared to just encountering wild ones is slower
@Smoothie04 whe you are shiny hunting you have a target. That is why it is called hunting. To get your target ASAP MM is faster than RE's.

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Masuda Method

You have a 1/512 chance with each egg to hatch a shiny when you use the Masuda Method

With the Murder Method, you start out at normal odds but once you get a chain going you'll eventually reach 1/512 odds as well. But I'd personally stick with the Masuda Method as your odds are the same every time

But is it the most effective method? Because depending on what Pokémon your breeding hatching an egg can take a while
Same thing goes with the murder method
Boaty McBoatface aren't those the odss when you have the charm and use the masuda/murder method
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I’ve been searching random max raid battles online because I want to collect all the g-max forms and besides the common spawns (currently Milcery, Lapras, Appleton/Flapple and Coalassal) I’ve encountered more shiny gigantamax Pokémon that not. You just gotta memorize the g-max silhouettes.

Oh thats actually a great way to do it, alot of people will host raids of shiny GMax Pokémon, thank you!