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SoI am trying to breed a shiny Indeedee with the Matsuda Method (Japanese Ditto) and my Shiny Charm. However, my Joy Cons and Controls have a drifting problem so every now and then when I go to accept an egg and press A on “Yes”, it quickly switches to “No” on me. Like a troll. I’m pulling my hair out here and need to know how this effects the Shiny.

egg Values are determines when you get the egg I believe. All it is slowing you down not making you lose a shony
Oh, really? That is a huge relief! Thank you for your response! :)
LuviWaltz, Like i said before, I am a not sure if what i said is correct.
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NVM i am right
Oh okay, thank you !
The same controller problem is happening with me I once accidentally used tailwind because of it 2 turns after I used it.

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Can you Soft Reset for hatching eggs?

Yes but this isn’t the most optimal way of hatching shinies as it actually takes a longer time to go through the process.

Soft Resetting for eggs is when you save prior to receiving the egg from the Nursery worker. Once the egg is picked up everything about that Pokemon is predetermined. To Soft Reset an egg hatching you would have to save before picking up the egg and hatch the egg without saving between these two things happening. If the egg does not hatch into what you want you can reload your save file and receive the egg again for another chance however in most cases by the time you have received the egg and hatched it you will have already been able to receive at least one more egg from the Nursery giving you another chance anyway, which is why this method isn’t really useful.

So once you pck it up the values are determined. By denying eggs all you are doing is hatching less eggs, not rejecting shiny eggs.


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