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I wanted to get a bunch of shiny Wooloo, and I had a shiny for both genders. One was German and the other was Chinese. I put them in the nursery, and I get a bunch of eggs later on. I hatch about 200 of them (that took a while to do lol) and none of them are shiny. So if I used the Mashuda method, plus shiny parents, am I just unlucky or am I doing something wrong? Also, I used the wild area nursery. Should I use the one near tuffield instead?


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While the standard encounter rate for a Shiny Pokémon (either in the wild or by breeding) is 1/8192 from Generation II to Generation V and 1/4096 in Generation VI onwards, the Masuda method multiplies this rate by 5 (to 5/8192 or about 1/1638) in Generation IV, by 6 (to 6/8192 or about 1/1365) in Generation V, and by 6 (to 6/4096, or 1/683) from Generation VI onwards. It occurs whenever Pokémon of differing languages are bred.

Sorry, it's a 1/683 chance. 200 eggs ain't gonna cut it. Shines are rare for a reason. Goodluck hatching eggs!
Oh and, nurserys shouldn't matter. Hatching eggs faster will help, so have a Pokemon with flame body or magma armor as your lead Pokemon.
EDIT: I checked bulbapedia, they said nothing about the two nurserys. Read for yourself(I may have missed things, doubt it tho) here

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Ahhh makes sense ! Ok lol so I do have bad luck AND doing it wrong. Yeah these eggs take forever to hatch. The lies of the internet say that the nursery matters lol
I wouldn't think the nursery matters. It shouldn't at least. I don't play swsh myself tho, so you may want to check reliable sites like bulbapedia and look further into that
EDUT? Don't you mean. EDIT?
Oops yea. I fixed it
Use Centiskorch Flame Body.
It is found very commonly in the middle den of the Lake of Outrage.
You forgot to mention this isn't Gen 2 shiny parents don't matter. Shiny or not they have the same odds and masuda is the highest but still rare but not as much. Also if you have a shiny charm it might help. :)
A shiny charm will bring the odds down to 1/512 I think. Correct me if I’m wrong