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Just any Pokémon? Or a specific pokemon you want to hunt
I’m gonna hunt for a shiny Skwovet, because I think its cute

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If you are shiny hunting Skwovet, Route 1 is your best bet. Skwovet has a 50% overworld spawn rate, so it shouldn't be that hard to find. Just make sure to bring some Repels so you don't waste some of your time encountering Pokémon that aren't Skwovet.
Source: https://pokemondb.net/location/galar-route-1
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Route 1 also has a 100% catch rate with any Pokeball. (Including Beast Ball)
There's also the island in the Isle of Armor that has only either Skwovet or Exeggcute
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Route 1 can spawn a few mon so you won't have to worry about too Many different mons spawning.
Route 5 spawns some rare and exotic mons only if you are playing the Sword version like Farfetch'd.
Route 3- the best, Rolycolies and Gossifleur spawn like crazy there, so you can keep your catch combo.
Glimwood Tangle have a variety of rare psychics and they look good if they are shiny too.
The wild areas:
East West Axewell
Lake of Outrage
Stony Wilderness
Brilliant Pokemon also helps the chance of Shiny Spawning.
After successfully capturing a Pokemon, more of these Pokemon will spawn for a short time.

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