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I am creating a team for a playthrough of Pokemon Shield and I am having trouble deciding. Rillaboom, Boltund, and Orbeetle have all secured spots on my team. I want Dragapult on my team but I am having trouble deciding if I shouldn't put him on or which Pokemon to get rid of. Out of these four, which one shouldn't be on my team: Coalossal, Drednaw, Toxtricity, Dragapult. Please help me decide.

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I would say don't use Drednaw. I used one in my own playthrough, and it was pretty lackluster. It learns its best moves late, which is a problem. Both of its STAB types, Water and Rock, are super effective against types that can easily be covered by other team members. (Rillaboom, Toxtricity, and Coalossal)

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I'd probably remove Dragapult. It evolves at such a late level and isn't that good until it evolves, and by the time it does you probably have Eternatus that you can use instead. If you are willing to do the grinding though, I'd remove Coalossal because of it's awful speed and it's poor level up and TM movepool.