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I want to use a strong, physical attacking fire type on my team. Just as a side note, I did choose Cinderace as my starter but I wanted to try to mix it up since I've been using it so much. So I would really appreciate no comments saying I should use Cinderace (thank you for your understanding). Talonflame has a higher BST (base state total) and is faster. My Talonflame also has Gale Wings. Alolan Marowak is bulkier and it has Rock Head, making Flare Blitz a devastating attack. But I don't know which one I should choose and movesets for both would be great.
If it helps, my current team is:
Shiny Galarian Slowbro (flex xD)

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Talonflame and Marowak are both good, and seeing your team I would prefer Marowak.

The reason I choose Marowak
1. Talonflame has a type overlap with Dragonite.
2. Gale Wings isn't that good because it only activates when the user has full HP.
3. Rock Head Flare Blitz is so good in my opinion because you can spam it without worrying of the recoil damage and has a chance to burn the foe.
4. Alolan Marowak has 7 resistances and 2 immunities.

For this 4 reason, Alolan Marowak is more perfect for your team than Talonflame.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you!
your welcome!