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Anywhere raining, fishing and bodies of water are all good places. There’s nothing too specific as I think water types generally appear thanks to the weather
The lakes
Sorry, but on my Sword account I haven’t got access to the bike to ride on lakes. Still will keep the lakes in mind, though.

Depends on what level/gyms you have conquered. Generally speaking however:

West Lake Axewell has some nice Water Pokémon early (Wingull, Wooper, Tympole) , and L10-12 Magikarp can be fished from the lake just in front of the Motostoke entrance from one of the fishing holes (which can be levelled to 20 & evolved into Gyarados after about 5 one-star raids).

At higher levels , there are ‘high level’ evolutions walking around in some areas that could be worth catching, as well as some higher level water Pokémon swimming in the lakes once you have the Surf bike upgrade.
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Alright thanks a bunch. It helped with my gym battle

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East and West Lake Axewell and literally anywhere where it's raining/there's bodies of water.

Hope I helped!