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I just got the DLC and wanted to try some new Pokémon!
All help is much appreciated, thanks

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The best Isle of Armour Pokémon have 600 base stat total. Our of these that can be caught in the wild are Goodra and Kommo-o. However, both of these Pokémon can be caught in The Lake of Outrage. Goodra in Shield, Kommo-o in Sword. However, Zarude has a 600 base stat total, but I won't include that since its an event. So, now the highest Pokémon bst that can be caught only in The Isle of Armour is Urshifu and Volcarona at 550.

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Volcarona ties Urshifu at 550, and also became available in Galar only with the addition of IOA.
Shoot.  You are right about that.  Completely forgot.