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post the rest of your team.
im not finished with it... im making it
Then don't post the question until you are done.

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I will just lost pros, cons and which I prefer at doing its job as you are yet to display your team.

My personal favourite and it hits so hard.
Jolly and 252speed gives it 346 speed which outruns so much.
Swords dance is needed on this guy or alterantivly you could run rock polish just like the old terrakion sets.
Good defences and decent offence then doubled by sd is great and it's close combat will sweep entire teams.
Though it is countered by the most common Pokemon.
Chandy and flygons are on most teams and flygons are always scarfed.

Scarfed is needed but you can run life orb.
Megahorn hurts as does close combat making it a good revenge killer.
Thanks to typing it can easly switch in to allot of attacks making it great in uu.

I personally would use the big bug as cobalion is so easly countered by the most common Pokemon but cobalion is still great in uu.