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Interesting question. In the games it is implied that Pokemon die at some point. There are places such as the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town that have graves for Pokemon, and many trainers mourn the loss of their Pokemon.

There is also a myth in the original games that Gary's Raticate died in the battle before you see him at the tower, and he is visiting Raticate's grave. Though there is no real evidence for this.

However, in the games there is no way for your Pokemon to ever die. If they run out of HP they only faint, and will stay fainted permanently if you don't heal them. The only other way for Pokemon to disappear is to release them back into the wild, but of course they are still alive.

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Oh No that creepy story again about Gary and that Buried alive!
what creepy story? I wanna' know!!!!
It's pretty much what I posted. You, the player, kill Gary's Raticate in the latest battle with him, then Gary is mourning him at the Pokemon Tower.
@ Ledgands try searching about lavender town story and you will find more
R.I.P Gary's Raticate :(
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No pokemon do not die. They can only faint which is why you can revive them.

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Yes they can die, Gary's Raticate died also Cubone's Mother, the ghosts in pokemon tower are spirits of died pokemon
that's right.
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Also its not in the game but it kind of links.

In the first series of pokemon they say charmander could die when hes flame goes out

"Charmander – The Stray Pokémon"

but say you hit a charmander with a water move such as surf this should put it out and should die but it doesn't.

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Thats true, but have looked or thought about the anime?!