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Has it been announced when the anime will end, and if so, when will it end?


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So far, it's not going to end. It will keep on going until there is no Pokemon left.

(Hopefully Pokemon never ends :) )

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I would guess maybe Clefairy like Ash was planned to have. It really depends what region they start in. If they do make a new character that's female they should make her a lot smarter than Ash is.
Ash is smart! ... He just doesn't show it! :P
No, no no. Ash is not smart, which is the reason I never watch the anime :p (Pokemon Adventures is way better imo)
Pokémon will end when the world ends, which will be December 21st...or so they say...
But it's December 22st the world has not end. YAY!
imo Ash is smart when it comes to Pokemon, but EXTREMELY dense when it comes to girls. If you watched the original anime, he couldn't keep his mouth shut around Misty, which is why he kept on getting hit by her mallet. Ash may ACT stupid sometimes, but he has a good heart. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, means more to Ash than Pokemon. ANY Pokemon. he was willing to TRAIN James's Cacnea. HIS ENEMY. that shows how pure his heart is.