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How much ever i ev train a pokemon it does not come to its maximum stat.Why is it so and which level is best for ev training a pokemon?

the reason why your pokemon does not have maximum stat is
because you need positive nature, 31IV, or you didn't give 252EV
There is no best level to start EV training, but if you don't give EV till lv.99 and give all 510EV then lv up to 100, you'll have 127 extra stat!!
In gen. 5 you can EV train level 100 pokemon.
Idk how that works.
does the stat point go up when ur in same level?

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http://pokemondb.net/ev This link thouroughly explains EV training. Every 4 EVs obtained raises the corresponding stat by 1. 252 EVs will max out a stat, and there is a list of methods to accelerate EV gains in the given link.

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