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"Switches hold items with the target. This move does not work if the target has Sticky Hold or Multitype, or is Giratina-O, or if either Pokémon is holding Mail. This move works even if the user has no item, but will fail if the user or target has had an item Knocked Off" - Smogon

Why won't it work on Giratina-O or a Pokemon with Multitype? Giratina-O is a Ghost type and Trick is Psychic type, so the NO EFFECT Rule does not apply here.

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His stats and ability change.
With Orb:
Origin Form: Higher Attack & Special Attack
Ability: Levitate

Without Orb:
Altered Form: Higher Defense & Special Defense
Ability: Pressure
In a nutshell, Tricking the Griseous Orb off does more to Giratina then other Pokemon because the added changes.

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Wait, i said that the NO EFFECT Rule does not apply. Which means that Psychic hits Ghost...
Sorry. misread, but you are right.
Yay!!! I am right! x3