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If possible, i would also like good Spinners.

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Prankster gives it priority on all status moves such as wil o wisp.
It has a type combination that has no weakness.
Part ghost so can spin block.
Night shade is an avalible stalling move, but this guy can shut down many sweepers with just wil o wisp.

Spinner Staller
Can spin and phaze.
Has good all round defenses.
Great on a team with hazards in as dragon tail phazes and stops boosting.
Also has toxic.

If you want more ask.

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Dragon Tail -6 Priority. Roar ftw.
Dragon Tail -6 Priority. Roar ftw. EDIT: so does roar XD
Yeh so does roar ;) but roar blows away subs so roar is also an option.
Lol, Pika!