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I was battling Terrekoin and then I used a move to powerful and he fainted. I caught Coblain but not the other two. Do they like come back tomorrow or can you never find them again? Please tell cause I haven't saved yet so I wanna know before i do in case I have to restart. Thankies :)


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Beat the elite four and champion(again, if you must.) to make them reapear at their locations. Cobalion will be in guidence chamber again, Terrekoin at his chamber, and Virzion at hers. So Hope i helped >:3

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oh ok I gotta restart the game  cause I REALLY don't wanna do the elite four so yea thanks :)
Pick this answer then if its ok(gotta get my points ya know :3)
Yes! I got the 3 sacred I didn't do th elite four again cause I was lazy TEE HEE. I had the most trouble with Terrekion. Took me five tries. I just saved right in front of him. If he would faint I would just restart the game. I nearly killed him with my Darkrai xD But he was left with like 1% health ROFL