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The descriptions for both say this: "An attack lasting for 5 turns that grows in power."

How much does it grow in ower each turn, and what is its maximum base power?
Also, I heard that raising defense will raise the power of rollout, is this true and if yes, how much will it be raised?


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The power doubles after each hit. But after the 5 turns, the power will reset.
If you use Defense Curl before you use Ice Ball/Rollout, the power is doubled as long as you stay in battle.

>Ice Ball does damage over five turns, increasing in power for each consecutive hit. The power will reset after five turns or if Ice Ball is interrupted. If the Pokémon uses Defense Curl any time before Ice Ball, Ice Ball's power is doubled as long as the Pokémon remains in battle.

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Descriptions are the same for all the moves.